Juliana Taylor

Juliana Taylor, CPM, LM, CD, MEd

Professional labor support provided by a compassionate and experienced doula. 


Care provided during your birthing experience

  • Physical support:  massage, help with breathing and relaxation, suggestions for positioning, techniques for comfort and progress
  • Emotional support:  reassurance of the range in normality of labor and birth, guidance in coping with and processing events, encouragement, validation of your feelings, facilitating self-advocacy, helping your partner/primary support person take as active as a role as desired in your birth
  • Informational support:  ensuring your family feels every decision is made form a place of choice and informed consent
  • Assistance with hydration and eating, creating a comfortable and soothing environment,  photography
  • Full support of your goals for birth without bias or personal agenda

Labor Doula Package

  • Prenatal meetings to discuss your birth wishes, concerns, fears, and questions, and to become established as a team
  • On-call coverage from four weeks before your estimated due date until birth
  • Continuous support and care during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum recovery
  • Postpartum visit at your home

Fee for services

Sliding scale fee of $800-1000


Providing support for out-of-hospital in the following Vermont counties: Chittenden, Addison, Franklin, Washington, and Windsor

Providing support for hospital births at: UVMMC, Northwestern, Porter, and Dartmouth Hitchcock.