Juliana Taylor

Juliana Taylor, CPM, LM, CD, MEd

Professional support provided by a compassionate and experienced doula.

Services Offered

Fertility & Conception Doula, Birth Doula, Postpartum & Overnight Doula, Abortion Doula, and Nutrition & Movement Counseling

Fertility & Conception Doula

As a fertility and conception doula, I offer support to those family planning, trying to conceive, experiencing fertility challenges, looking for emotional support and encouragement while trying to conceive through IVF or after a loss/miscarriage, and/or needing assistance researching fertility options. Together, we will create a holistic fertility plan that creates balance with the mind and body.

Fertility & Conception Doula Package

  • 2-hour initial assessment to discuss your history, current situation, and desires

  • 4 weekly progress appointments (1 hour)

  • Additional hours may be configured on an as needed basis for $75/hr

Fee for services


Sliding scale negotiable


Birth Doula

Care provided during your childbearing experience:

Physical support: I offer a color array of physical support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I am trained in the Spinning Babies techniques for easier births through fetal positioning. Balancing muscles, aligning with gravity, and moving your body towards a flexible strength may enhance the birth experience and add comfort in pregnancy and labor. My experiences using Spinning Babies are extremely positive! I can offer and teach you these techniques during your pregnancy and birth. Many can be done by you on a regular basis. Additionally, I offer massage and reflexology, breath work, and rebozo sifting.

Emotional support: I offer compassionate and non-judgement support of your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Informational support: To the best of my ability, I ensure you make informed decisions regarding your care.

Birth Doula Package

  • Complimentary consultation over tea at a convenient location

  • 2-3 prenatal visits (1-1.5 hrs)  in your choice of setting to discuss your birth wishes, concerns, fears, and questions, and to become established as a team

  • On-call support beginning at 37 weeks

  • Continuous labor support

  • Immediate postpartum support

  • 1 postpartum visit (1-2 hrs) in your home

Fee for services


Sliding scale fee negotiable


Postpartum & Overnight Doula

Postpartum services are offered from birth through 6-weeks postpartum. They include, but are not limited to: newborn care, infant feeding support, meal planning and/or preparation, domestic work, errands, and informational and emotional support.

Postpartum Package

  • Complimentary consultation over the phone or in-person

  • 16-hours of care minimum for $560

  • Additional hours may be configured as package or on an as needed basis for $35/hr with a 3-hour minimum

Overnight postpartum services are offered for $50/hr up to 6 hours.

Sliding scale fee negotiable


Abortion Doula

As an abortion doula, I offer emotional, physical, and informational support in-person and over the telephone before, during, and after an abortion procedure.

Care provided:

  • Answer questions, provide logistical information, and offer community resources

  • Give one-on-one support during certain parts of the abortion or throughout the entire experience

  • Offer emotional support and help process the experience

  • Help with physical relaxation and stress relief techniques

  • Be there for aftercare

  • Give nutritional information

  • Advocate for your unique experience with medical staff

  • Help partners/family/friends/support people with the experience

  • Refer to other support services, including medical, mental health, social and cultural services

Fee for services

Sliding scale fee of $75-$300


Nutrition and Movement Counseling

Interested in maximizing your nutrition and movement for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and postpartum? I can help design a nutrition and movement program to meet your lifestyle, abilities, and goals.

Fee for services

$100/mo includes plan development and adjustments, as well as weekly check-ins

Note: In October of 2019, I will be certified as a BirthFit Professional!