Juliana Taylor

Juliana Taylor, CPM, LM, CD, MEd

"My husband and I are so thankful to have worked with Juliana as our doula during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  She was there for us every step of the way and we are grateful for her kind and caring nature and for the patience that she had during a very long labor.  This was my first pregnancy and since I had not gone through this before...I didn't know how vulnerable I would be and what kind of support I would need....I just knew I would need it.  Juliana shared her knowledge and expertise while I labored at home by phone and during our time at the hospital.  She supported me and my husband in making informed decisions throughout.  Her insights, expertise and calm and gentle nature supported me in reducing my anxiety and in making the right decisions for myself throughout labor and delivery.  Juliana continues to be a support to me weeks after having my beautiful daughter.  I have still have a lot of questions and she continues to be there to answer them all."  - Michelle W.  


"I had the privilege of having Juliana as my doula for my pregnancy and delivery in December of 2015. She was very professional and knowledgeable about all things pregnancy and birth.  I was planning and achieved a drug free VBAC delivery in a hospital setting and having Juliana was crucial to my success.  She was there for me every step of the way with information and encouragement and made herself available by email, text, phone and in person meetings. During labor Juliana was very hands on, by my side the whole time and offered suggestions for pain management. She has been supportive in my post partum recovery as well.  Her passion and love for her clients and career is apparent.  I would highly recommend Juliana to anyone!" -Ashley D.


"Enlisting Juliana as my doula was one of the best and most impactful decisions I made regarding my child's birth.  She was an immeasurable source of knowledge, comfort, and judgment-free support during my pregnancy, throughout my labor, and into the postpartum period.  From advice on handling prenatal anxiety to breastfeeding support, Juliana was there every step of the way.  In the delivery room, she kept me comfortable, relaxed, and informed, and she gave my husband tools and tips to help me effectively cope with an intense natural childbirth; her presence was reassuring, calming, and helpful in the most practical of ways.  If I am fortunate enough to have another child someday, I will absolutely be hiring Juliana again.  Whatever kind of birth you envision for yourself, Juliana can facilitate it, and I recommend her without reservation. " -Beth F.